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25 Years of Fun in Wet Clothes

Welcome to Wacky Wet World

You've found the premier watersports magazine dedicated entirely to wet fun sports in the pool, on the beach, and in boats. If you enjoy swimming in clothes and all out dripping wet action, you've come to the right place.

Have you tried this? Swimming in clothes is a growing trend sport among smart sophisticated people. An essential skill for most water sports, it improves strength and fitness, and protects your skin from sunburn and jellyfish.

Wet and Wild Watersports

True watersports get you soaking wet every time, unless you only hang around the club house. The thrill of getting wet in clothes is just amazing and huge fun with friends, or in a sports team. Below is a selection of wet sports we've found for you to enjoy.

News Splash: Aquamania Joins Wacky Wet World

Aquamania, the big watersports wetsite, has merged with Wacky Wet World, the popular water fashion forum. Now you can find all the fun action in one place. Our Watersports Clothing Guide remains separate as it also supports other wetsites. Click on the Clothing link on top of every page to visit it.

Reader Feedback

Many pages contain reader comments about personal experiences with watersports and wet weather, about boating in anoraks and cagoules, or cycling in rain capes, or swimming in clothes whenever the need arises.

Feedback is always welcome on this blog. If you have suggestions for what you want us to write about, or if you want to share an experience, please let us know.

Guest Writers

Guest writers are more than welcome. We would love to hear your stories about exciting watersport, adventures in wet weather, and what clothes work best for you in and on the water. The most interesting stories we will post on this growing website.