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Wet Events with Changing Dates

These events always happen on different dates each year. Please check their websites for details. We've grouped these events depending what happens and who gets wet. Enjoy!

Public Festivals

There are many wet festivals around the world. Below are those which we know are running, listed in alphabethical order.


Last weekend in September, Schiedam, Netherlands.
Scouting groups create a number of crossings over the harbour. Local people can cross the river in many exciting ways. The idea is to stay dry, but only few do. Not all groups understood this instruction so well, nor do all participants really try to reach the other side dry. Great fun.

Fiesta del Agua

June sometime, VillagarcĂ­a de Arosa, Spain.
Spain's answer to Thailand's Songkran is a wild water party with 20,000 to 30,000 soaking wet participants.


Last Sunday in April
Lots of wacky events and games take place to celebrate Kings's Day. Best is in Pijnacker or Ouderkerk, and all over the Netherlands.

Nabada River Festival

3rd Monday in July, Ulm, Germany
After the traditional swearing of the oath in the Weinhof on the morning of Oath Monday, the 'Nabada' river festival takes place in the afternoon. The colourful river procession begins on the Danube at about 16:00 h (by the way, 'Nabada' means 'swim down' the Danube).

Numerous themed boats decorated and manned by various societies and groups, poke fun at the political issues of the day, rather like at the Carneval on the Rhine. They are accompanied by the lively music of various bands being carried on boats swaying away down the river (the spectators also have a vote on the best musical act). In addition to the official boats, countless small river craft joint in the fun, usually including some “water rats” in rather risky home-made constructions, splashing and paddling their way down the 7 km stretch of the Danube.

This day of watery fun culminates in festivities with live music in Friedrichsau Park and at various points around the city centre.

Newquay Surf Championships

1st week in August, Newquay, Cornwall, UK.
Lots of surfing related fun on the beach and in the sea. Enjoy the foamparties on some evenings.

Run to the Sun

Last weekend in May, Newquay, Cornwall, UK.
Wild VW event. Bring your waterguns and a change of clothes, it can get wet. Also some fun action on the beaches.


Last Sunday in June
Leimuiden or Puttershoek, NL, and in some towns nearby.

You're invited to walk across the water on a slippery beam. Sooner or later you fall into the water with all your clothes on. That's were the fun comes in.

Te Land, ter Zee en in de Lucht

Every 2nd Saturday from late May.
Many locations in the Netherlands.

Wild TV show for everyone to take part in various soaking wet activities. Filmed at different locations every two weeks.


Last Wednesday in August, Buñol, Spain.
At the peak of tomato season, the village of Buñol stages a tomato war. For two hours, the otherwise sober citizenry happily pelt each other with ripe, red fruit and the streets turn into rivers of tomato juice.

Vlottentocht Raft Race

3rd weekend in August, Kanaal Bocholt-Herentals, Lommel, Belgium.
The Lommel Raft Race is organised by the Lommel Scouts. It's a unique competition for self-build rafts.

De Lommelse Vlottentocht wordt georganiseerd door de Lommelse Scouts. Het is een unieke wedstrijd voor zelfgesjorde vlotten.

Worthing Birdman

Mid August, Worthing, UK.
British eccentrics jump off Worthing Pier in fancy outfits and flying crafts.

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