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Wetlook Model Application Form

We're planning a new portfolio service where you can show your photos. If you have enough we can sell them online and earn some money via Paypal. You have to be over 16 years old to apply.

The information below is for your free portfolio. It helps prospective clients to choose a suitable model or provide clothing in the right size. The more detailed information you provide, the better your portfolio will be.

By submitting this form you give permission to publish your photos and apply to be promoted by us to our clients. We will not use this information for any other purposes. Please update this form every year to keep your free portfolio.

About You



Please let us know if you can swim in clothes and if you have ever posed in wet clothes before. Indicate the type of modelling work you are interested in.

Modelling experience

Swimming experience

Can you swim in clothes?

Preferred wetlook clothes

Sports and hobbies

Swimming Ability

What type of wet photo sessions do you enjoy?

Watersports Action (boating, surfing, etc.)
Watersports Fashion (swimwear, anoraks, etc.)
Casual Fashion (jeans, hoodies, etc.)
Uniforms (lifeguard, military, etc.)
Open Water (beach, lake, etc.)
Indoor Pools (swimming, fitness, etc.)
Bathroom Fun (shower, bath, foam, etc.)
Erotic Images (over 18 y/o only)
All of the above

Any Comments?


Year of Birth


Website (optional)

Address (optional)

We will ask you to send us, by email, some photos of yourself. Without photos we can't process your application. Should your photos earn you any money, we'll ask for your PayPal address.

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