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the sequel

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Posted by Zonie on December 26, 2021 at 14:23:09

In Reply to: Re: quite a lower body workout posted by Muddybootsnlevis on December 26, 2021 at 04:55:52:

Naturally I had to go back to the area Christmas day. It was cloudy but no longer raining. There were more people, but neither the parking lot nor the trails were truly crowded.

I inspected the drainages and found they had all drained, but I think it may have been more due to percolation into the soil rather than any efforts of mine. In a few areas there was still thick mud, but in the area in which I had the greatest difficulty with the mud, I walked right into where the puddle had been, and the ground yielded only slightly, so that I left tracks but wasn't mired.

There were still some good mud puddles in areas of the trail where drainage wasn't possible because the trail was sunken relative to the surrounding ground. I had a couple encounters. At one point the trail was very wide and a man was walking his dog without a leash (technically forbidden but not generally enforced if the dog isn't troublesome). Neither of them wanted to go through the mud puddle, so the man passed on the south side and the dog passed on the north side while I slogged through right in the middle of the puddle between them.

At another point there was a lady with a mountain bicycle paused by the trail. She was using her squirting water bottle to remove mud from the bottom of her shoes. It would have made more sense to me to use the water from a nearby puddle for that purpose than precious drinking water. As we were nowhere near the parking lot, I'm not sure what the point was. She would doubtless be riding through more mud before her ride was over.

Having gone past the Squaw Peak Freeway bridge I continued to the Highway 101 bridge and turned around there, headed back to the vicinity of the Equestrian Center. On my way back I headed into a mesquite thicket that was rather marshy and found a spot where I could stomp the ground into thick deep mud. I then knelt down and rolled over having a good wallow. I crawled out and eventually found a place to right myself, which was done with difficulty, as it was hard to get a footing on the muddy ground, and I had put on a lot of weight in that brief period of time. Once upright I headed to an arroyo and washed my hands in a puddle there so that I could access my canteen for a drink. Then I hiked further on a feeder trail to the north to enjoy hiking muddy, though gradually most of the mud dried enough to crack and fall off.

I spent 5½ hours out there, but due to an earlier start ended while there was still daylight. At home I undressed in the back yard and noticed that the soles of those beat-up work boots were finally starting to separate, so I threw out the old boots and socks. The shirt and overalls were quite salvageable, so I hosed them both down and laundered them. I also hosed down my lower legs, but the rest of my body was mostly clean, so a shower would do.

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