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Wet and Wild Reader Stories

In this section our readers tell you about the most fun they've had with their clothes on, usually in the water or otherwise rather wet.

You are most welcome to contribute your own stories to this collection.

To send in a story, just contact us and paste your story into the message box.

You can also post it to our forums and we'll pick it up from there. We reserve the right to edit your story a bit so it matches with the photos we have.

People featured should be over 16 years. Even better, avoid any age reference at all. Easy.

Beach Story

Posted by Mega

This happened at the end of last summer, but I thought I'd share it, looking forward to the start of summer here in a couple months.

I was at the beach with a group of friends. One of my friends and I always like to joke around with each other. We started by playing some volleyball in the sand. Afterwards, we talked about going out into the water to cool off, but didn't really want to go swimming.

However, the water at this beach only got knee deep unless you went way, way, way out. So we decided to just walk out into the water, not intending to get wet or anything since we weren't wearing swimsuits (at least some of us weren't).

So, the whole time we were walking out in the water, my friend keeps saying how he's going to throw me in the water and get me soaked.

After saying it like 5 times, I decided to get the jump on him. When the water got knee deep, I came up to him, grabbed him, lifted him off his feet, and dunked him in the water.

He was wearing jeans with a heavy hoodie over a thin pullover. As he sat there in the water, he almost couldn't believe what I just did. I told him, "You kept talking about throwing me in the water first, so I thought I'd get the jump on you."

He got up smiling and laughing and charged at me. We're about equal in strength and size, but I am slightly bigger. Being in knee deep water, I knew I wasn't going to get away, and since he was already wet, he wouldn't mind going down with me, so I knew it was only going to be a matter of time before I got soaked.

But I was going to make him work for it. I managed to hold him off for about a minute. I pushed him and he took another dunk in the water, then he stayed down and grabed my leg. I couldn't counter that, so I got dunked in the water wearing my white athletic shirt and blue jeans. We were both laughing about it afterwards, and splashed around in the shallow water for quite a while. Fun day.

Pool Story

Posted by Boris

After college one day, we went to a friend's house who had a pool. His folks were gone, so we had the place to ourselves.

My friend Jon, whose house it was, said we could go swimming if we wanted, and I said I didn't have my bathing suit. He said it didn't matter since he liked to swim in all his clothes. I thought he was kidding, but he said no, he did it all the time. I dared him to jump in then and there, just to see.

Without hesitation he jumped in, fully clothed, shoes and all. He had on blue jeans, T-shirt and a striped hoodie, complete with socks and canvas sneakers. I laughed and said that was pretty cool, and he said I could jump in too.

I worried because I had no spare clothes with me, but he said we would put my clothes in the dryer. He then dared me to do it, so I took off my shoes (this time only) and jumped right in. It was so much fun to do that, it felt so wrong but yet right at the same time.

We played in our wet clothes for a long time, admiring the way the water came off my wet jeans and sweat shirt. I had on boxers too and they started puffing up above my waistband and belt before long. I didn't mind, we were just playing and jumping in, like guys do.

After a while, with my pockets turned inside out, my sweat shirt riding up my chest, my socks flopping off my feet, we undressed on the patio, but then pushed each other in again, just in our boxer shorts and T-shirts.

Our wet pile of clothes lay in the sun for a bit, but we eventually put them in the dryer. Jon lent me a towel and some shorts to wear while my clothes dried (including my boxers).

After an hour of video games or so, our clothes were dry and I got dressed again. It was an awesome wet afternoon that I'll never forget.

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