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Become a Wetlook Photo Model

Has anyone ever suggested you should be a model? Do you enjoy swimming in clothes and other aquatic sports? Are you interested in doing something different and unique?

We specialise in male wetlook photography, a genre that is increasingly demanded for sports, fashion and travel media. A photo session lasts from 2 to 4 hours. If you enjoy a good soaking, give it a go.

Currently we're putting together our team for the next season. If you are interested in any modelling opportunities with us, please read through the information in this section and send us any questions you may have.

Type of Photography

Wetlook photography for leisure, lifestyle, sports, and travel publications or promotions is our speciality. We do both dry and wet photography. The latter requires you to wear some wet clothes on land or in the water. It would help if you can swim.

The photographs will be used by clients for print media, on the Internet, on promotional DVD's, and videos. The aim is be to obtain the largest number of usable images in one session. If you photograph especially well, you may be invited for another session.

What we look for in a model

We prefer cute or athletic guys 16 to 30 years of age who are slim, average or muscular. There are no height requirements or limitations. You should enjoy wearing clothes in the water and be able to swim fully clothed. If swimming in clothes is new to you, we can teach you.


You are not expected to look like a movie star, or to have a muscular, athletic body. People want to see other ordinary people like themselves. If you are very thin, that will be an asset in the photographs. People tend to look 10 or 15 pounds heavier in photographs. Don't stay up late the night before your photo session, so you will look your freshest.


It is most important that you enjoy yourself in a photo session, as it will show on the pictures. Try to have fun. Think of it as an adventure. You will photograph well if you are playful and relaxed and open to sharing yourself with the camera. Think of the camera as a sexy friend you would like to make love to and your pictures come out consistently well. If you want to practice posing, practice making a sincere relaxed smile into a mirror. Your face and your willingness to open yourself to the camera will make the best pictures.

How do I start?

  1. Read all the info in this section
  2. Take a good look around this website.
  3. Take some practice snapshots, preferably in wet clothes.
  4. Fill out our Application Form. We'll ask for your photos later.

Your application cannot be processed without photos. We will contact you should your application be successful. Then get professional photos that we can use to show clients in order to get you work.

Payment Plan

Get paid to get wet and have fun. You will get a one time payment for each photo session. There are no monthly modelling contracts available. Payments are determined by many factors and there is no standard rate of pay.

We take into consideration the quality of the photographs, the potential appeal of the model for our clients, the availability of video or video clips as well as still photos, how many photos are available, and the exclusivity of the photographs. This issue will be discussed upon acceptance of your model application.

Proof of Age and Model Releases

You will be required to provide proof of your age and to sign a modelling release form for any and all works that are submitted to us.


For models outside the European Union, we cannot obtain visas for you for modelling work. You can still submit your photo to be considered for modelling work. We are often in Asia and may be able to schedule a video or photo shoot with you at that time.

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